new album 'Parallax'


Jasper Høiby - bass, Ivo Neame - Piano, Anton Eger - drums


Extraordinary communication between the players is often the foundation of extraordinary music making – as Phronesis prove every time they play. Years of performing, touring and recording have given the three members of the trio a matchless rapport, which inspires an ever-flowing fountain of new music, captured to perfection on this, the Anglo-Scandinavian trio’s sixth CD and their fourth for Edition Records.

Recorded in a single day at London’s fabled Abbey Road studios, Parallax is a brilliantly realised piece of music-making. It has all the standout features of the trio’s work - rhythmic drive, constant shifts in mood and texture, drama heightened by dazzlingly fast reactions - all leavened by a melodic sense all three draw on as much when improvising as composing. 

"It’s three minds operating as one, a deep, almost uncanny empathy that stands them apart from any other piano trio in Europe" - JON NEWEY (EDITOR - JAZZWISE)

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