My sister has left me (Jeanette).

My sister has left me. She has left us all and she’s always been here and she has been through everything. I know that I’m a better person because of her. She is the reason I am who I am today and I will forever be in her debt and filled with gratitude towards her. Because of her I know a world outside myself and I have seen things from her perspective. I have seen what it’s like to appreciate the most simple things in life. I have seen what unconditional love looks like and I have experienced that same love myself. I’m convinced that everyone that ever met her became a better person afterwards and the more time went by the more I started to think that that was why she was here. To help us all become better people.  She was a gift, given to us from an unknown source and the meaning of that gift was hidden inside of her and it was up to us all to unravel its secrets.

She taught me to appreciate everything that most of us take for granted as we go through our everyday lives, and she taught me not to moan about things that aren’t important. Appreciate everything that you have. Always. Appreciate that you can walk, appreciate that you can run, appreciate that you can talk and appreciate all the fun that you can have if you only stop for a minute and take the time to appreciate it. Appreciate that you can see, because even that isn’t a given for everyone, as she so sadly had to experience ten years before she passed away.

Life is a lottery and we have to make do with what we are given. We don’t deserve anything and no one deserves more than anyone else. It amazes me how people can think that they are entitled to anything but I know it’s because they never met my sister. They never met this beautiful being who was more pure than anyone else I have ever come across in my life. She would have shown them – see? This is what you could have been… You could have been me and I could have been you and if so, would you have been able to appreciate, love and accept everything you were given? All those little things? She would have shown them without words, just by being herself. Kind and open-hearted as she was to everyone that she met along the way. She accepted everyone as family because that’s what we are, and her smile would make the sun come out on even the coldest and rainiest of days.

We are all made from the same stuff and we all share the same basic needs for food and water, shelter, warmth and love. Last time I checked no one had a say as to what enviroment they were born into? How can anyone not get that? What’s so hard to understand about it? Did anyone you know choose their own parents or custom-make their own gene pool before they were born? Haven’t we all got a sister, brother, parent, grandparent, cousin, uncle, auntie, friend or a friend of a friend who somehow at random just seems to have had extremely bad luck with something or other? Isn’t it our very job as fellow creatures to reach out and offer our help and assistance when someone most need it? Wouldn’t we all hope for the same if the tables were suddenly turned?

Perhaps that’s my lesson. Perhaps that’s what I need to learn.. that everyone might have been put here simply to learn that lesson for themselves and there’s not neccesarily anything at all that I can do to make that happen.

My sister could though, and she did so with love and joy every single day from the minute she was born until she finally passed away.